Water Temperature Control—Emergency Fixtures—Thermostatic (Rada Z358-20-FMC)


Rada Z358-20-FMC

Rada Z358-20-FMC is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve for remote/secure cabinet mount. This product has been designed specifically to provide temperature controlled water to emergency fixtures as detailed in ANSI Z358.1-2009.

Rada Z358-20-FMC is supplied as standard* fully assembled and pressure- tested, in an 26” x 30” x 10” stainless steel recessed cabinet with a 2” flange. Cabinet has a polishedstainless steel piano-hinged door with a keyed cylinder lock.

Rada Z358-20-FMC is supplied as standard under this model number for top inlet hot and cold water supplies and a top outlet with a left-hand hinged door as indicated in the picture and drawing.

Rada Z358-20-FMC can be specified/ordered with the following piping configurations under the following model numbers.

Top inlets/bottom outlet Z358-20-FMC-TB
Bottom inlets/bottom outlet Z358-20-FMC-BB
Bottom inlets/top outlet Z358-20-FMC-BT

*Note cabinet options under technical specifications.

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