Type D34 Water Pressure Reducing Valve


The Valve shall be adjustable, direct operated, packless,
diaphragm actuated, balanced and single seated.The valve shall
close tight on dead end shutoff and shall maintain a discharge
pressure which will not vary more than 1 psig for each 10 psig
inlet pressure variation. Delivery pressure variations from zero
flow to rated flow shall not exceed 15% of the maximum spring
pressure rating. The valve shall be suitable for 200°F service

Valve body shall be cast iron. Sizes 2-1/2″ and larger shall have
flanged ends. Trim shall be stainless steel. Valve shall be
equipped with a reversible composition disc and diaphragms and
discs shall be nitrile. All working parts shall be easily accessible
without removal of valve from the line.

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Type D34 Water Pressure Reducing Valve

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