Trerice 872 Series Pressure Snubber


Trerice 872 Series porous metal pressure snubbers are designed to improve readability and prevent wear on delicate gauge mechanisms by slowing rapid pressure changes and reducing shock and chattering. Single or multiple snubbers should be installed where pressure spikes and/or pulsations may be present. The 872 Series snubbers are offered in choice of brass or 303 stainless steel, and for use in a variety of services and pressures.

  • Improves gauge readability and reduces wear
  • Porous metal design
  • Brass or SS construction
  • Air, gas, water, steam, gasoline, or oil applications
  • Up to 10,000 psig max. rating
Part # Material Connection Size (NPT) Max Pressure (psig) Service
872-1 Brass 1/4″ 1000 Air and gases
872-2 Brass 1/4″ 100 Water, steam, gasoline and light oils
872-3 Brass 1/4″ 100 lubricating and heavy oils
872-4 303SS 1/4″ 2000 Air and gases
872-5 303SS 1/4″ 2000 Water, steam, gasoline and light oils
872-6 303SS 1/4″ 2000 Lubricating and heavy oils
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