Stop Check Valves


Low pressure drop refrigerant stop check valves are butt-weldable directly to steel piping, thereby eliminating potential leaky flanges or threaded joints and simplifying installation. The important features of these valves are non-leak packing and have a back seat design. In valve open position, if the inlet pressure drops below outlet pressure, the valve acts as a check valve and does not allow reverse flow of liquid.

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    • Refrigerants: suitable for all common refrigerants including R-717 (Ammonia), R-134a, R-404 neutral, gaseous and liquid media
    • Temperature Range: -50°F to 240°F (-46°C to +116 °C)
    • Temperature Below: -60°F (-51°C) at lower pressure
    • Safe Working Pressure: 365 psig (25 bar)
    • Available in both wheel and vented cap option
    • Available in angle and straight types

    Ammonia refrigeration system suction, liquid discharge, recalculating liquid, hot gas and oil lines, using hand wheel of seal cap models and also compressor suction, discharge connections, condenser evaporator inlet and outlet connections in ammonia, R-22, R-134a, and other approved refrigerant.