Stainless Steel Thermostatic Air Vent/Vacuum Breaker (TAVB)


For pressures to 150 psig (10 bar). . .
Capacities to 55 scfm (93 m3h)

The Armstrong TAVB is a combination thermostatic air vent/vacuum
breaker that is ideally suited for steam-filled vessels with modulating
controls. The TAVB will vent air and other non-condensables from vessels
such as shell-and-tube heat exchangers, jacketed kettles, and steam
coils during their operation. It will also break the vacuum that forms
during steam control modulation.

This balanced pressure air vent responds to the
pressure-temperature curve of steam, and the soft-seated vacuum breaker
responds to 2″ H2O (0,0051 bar) of vacuum.

  • Maximum allowable pressure: 300 psig (20 bar)
  • Maximum allowable temperature: 365° F (185°C)
  • Maximum working pressure: 150 psig (10 bar)
  • All stainless steel welded construction
  • NPT connections

Armstrong thermostatic air vents should be
installed at the highest point on a steam chamber, with the air vent
above the chamber. This will minimize the possibility of any liquid
carryover, and air can be vented to the atmosphere without a drain line.


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Stainless Steel Thermostatic Air Vent/Vacuum Breaker (TAVB)

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