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A pump is designed to move medium from one place to another, generating pressure. Some of the mediums that pumps will move are water, slurry, gas or air. When pumps do not function properly they can cause problems for the components downstream as well as to itself. These problems include: inlet flow restrictions that can cause the pump to starve and overheat; negative head pressure that cause downstream problems as well as premature wear on the pump mechanism; reverse flow that can cause the pump to work harder in keeping the downstream pressure accurate; turbulent flow causing the downstream components to wear prematurely and possibly malfunction; vibration causes piping stress and possibly water hammer if air is present in the system.

To protect pumps, Spence Engineering offers a full line of pump protection products including suction diffusers, triple duty valves, foot valves, flexible connectors and check valves.

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    Check Valves

    Check Valves are installed in pipeline systems to allow flow in one direction only. With independent springs, check valves optimize valve plate closing rates while also minimizing spring stress. Preventing the possibility of flooding or reverse flow on system shutdown, these valves are operated entirely by the reaction of the fluid surface area and therefore do not require any external undertaking. Spence offers double door as well as wafer silent check valves.

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