SH-900 Series Bimetallic Superheat Steam Traps


Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel

For pressures to 900 psig (62 bar) . . .
Capacities to 11,000 lb/hr (4990 kg/hr)

SH-900 Series Superheat Steam Traps operate by the effect that rising temperature has on the thermostatic bimetallic elements.

At start-up, the valve is wide open, which allows a large volume of
non-condensables and cold condensate to be removed from the system. When
the system reaches steam temperature, the elements become sufficiently
hot to pull on the trap’s valve stem, closing the valve.

The valve remains closed until the bimetallic elements cool, thus
allowing the valve to crack open, vent the condensate and
non-condensables, and then close again when steam temperature is

The SH Series Superheat Steam Traps adjust automatically to changing
conditions. Hot elements in the valve generate forces to offset rises in

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SH-900 Series Bimetallic Superheat Steam Traps

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