Model 71S, 171, 171P, 171S


Model Descriptions

Model 71S: Cast iron body with SS seat and disc. Pressure-tight hood.

Model 171: CS and SS seat and disc. Pressure-tight hood.

Model 171P: Same as 171 with packed lift lever.

Model 171S: All 316 SS construction including spring. Pressure-tight hood.

Model 171S Variation 02: Same as 171S with packed lift lever.

Pressure and Temperature Limits

Models 71S: 1 to 250 psig -20o to 406oF

Models 171, 171P, 171S, 171SP: 1 to 400 psig -20o to 406o


Overpressure relief and protection of pumps, tanks, lines and hydraulic systems.

Acid, caustic, ammonia and other corrosive liquids requiring iron, steel or Stainless Steel materials.

Pressure regulation.

By-pass relief.

All 316 Stainless Steel Model 171S suitable for sanitary/edible applications.


SS springs.

Features and Benefits

Suitable for back pressure to 50 psig.

Seats lapped for optimum performance.

Ball bearing pivot between disc and spring corrects misalignment and compensates for spring side thrust.


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Model 71S, 171, 171P, 171S

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