JD & KD Series Automatic Differential Condensate Controller


For pressures from vacuum to 300 psig (21 bar) . . .
Capacities to 142,000 lb/hr (64,400 kg/hr)

The simple, yet rugged, ductile iron construction of the JD & KD Series Automatic Differential Condensate Controller offers long, trouble-free service. All floats, valves and seats, and lever mechanisms are constructed of stainless steel.

The integral thermostatic air vent is a balanced-pressure phosphor-bronze bellows caged in stainless steel. It is designed especially for demanding industrial applications where highly efficient, uninterrupted service is essential. This balanced-pressure type of air vent will respond to the pressure-temperature curve of steam at any pressure from zero to 175 psig (12 bar). Thus—up to 175 psig (12 bar)—air is vented at slightly below steam temperature.

The condensate controller with flash release is for syphon drainage and/or cascade service. The condensate controller (CC) configuration was developed especially to meet very large capacity needs in applications where condensate must be lifted from the drain point to the trap. Under such conditions—often referred to as syphon drainage—the reduction in pressure that occurs when the condensate is elevated causes a portion of the condensate to flash into steam. Ordinary traps, unable to differentiate between flash steam and live steam, close and impede drainage.

The JD & KD Series condensate controllers (CC) are equipped with a fixed restricted orifice near the top of the body to bleed off the flash steam (and all air present). This permits the trap to function properly on condensate.

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