Insultech T-1000 Fabric Insulation Blankets


Fabric Insulation Blankets

Our most economical technology, the T-1000, is intended to prevent liquid absorption. With proper installation, the T 1000 is rated for temperatures up to 2100°F and is ideal for applications residing within controlled environments. Companies demanding total encapsulation can alternatively look to our T-2000 wraps that utilize screen mesh in order to employ this feature. With no susceptibility to wicking, this is ideal for close tolerance applications and is also designed for easy installation.

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    • Insultech’s Fabric Insulation Blankets are used to insulate engine parts, exhaust piping and components, and industrial process piping and machinery. In particular, applications which use diesel and gas fired engines, such as power generation, off highway & on-highway vehicles, and marine often require insulation blankets to manage the heat that these engines generate.
    • Our Fabric Insulation Blankets are specially designed to fit your specific challenges. Common design criteria requires our products to fit around manifolds, turbochargers, elbows, adaptors, pipe sections, flexes, pressure vessels, fittings and machinery.
    • Our insulating blankets are fitted and laced together using special stainless steel wire. Other fastening methods are available upon request.
    • Products can be designed to meet the requirements of: ASTM E84, ASTM E162, NFPA 701, UL 1709.
    • UL Listing: File Number FTSR2.AU5204 (Trident 1000UL HS Series)
    Material Options
    • Outer Facing / Cold Face: Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric, PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric
    • Insulation: Alkaline Earth Silicate, Fiberglass Yarn Needle, Vitreous Silicate Fiber Mat
    • Inner Facing / Hot Face: Knitted Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, 321 Alloy Foil, Amorphous Silica Fabric, PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric, Nickel Chromium Alloy Foil
    Thermal Performance
    • Max Operating Temp: Up to 2100 ̊F, depending on materials
    Fastening Methods
    • Method A: Stainless steel lacing hook and stainless steel tie wire
    • Method B: Stainless steel lacing hook and spring with nickel plated steel ring
    • Method C: VelcroTM straps and stainless steel D-Ring
    • Method D: Hook and loop (VelcroTM)