Industrial Flanged Welded Packages


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    Standard features
    • PT-300/400/516
    • Receiver and pump ASME code-stamped 150 psi plus full vacuum (consult factory for other pressure/temperature ratings)
    • Carbon steel with stainless steel trim wafer-style check valves
    • Forged steel 3000# NPT fittings
    • Carbon steel isolation gate valves
    • Carbon steel A106 seamless piping
    • Single coat of waterborne enamel (black) air-dried
    • Piping welded by Section IX welders
    • All-stainless steel check valves
    • Removable insulation jackets for pump traps
    • Reflex gauge glass for receiver and pump
    • Intrinsically safe digital cycle counters
    • 1″ welded PRV station (shipped loose)
    • Motive’s manifolded to a single connection
    • Vents manifolded and piped to receiver
    • Carbon steel tubular gauge glass for receiver and each pump
    • Pressure gauge assembly

    Custom packages are available. Consult Armstrong or your local representative.