Fixed Pivot Ball Float Drain Traps


For loads to 3,900 lb/hr (1769 kg/hr) . . .
Pressures to 600 psig (41 bar)

Continuous flow or on-off float drain traps

Armstrong’s line of fixed lever drain traps includes two basic models
available in cast iron and forged steel. The floats are light enough to
handle light liquids.

No. 21—A small, high-quality, economical drain trap
for use on drainage jobs where dirt and oil are not encountered. It
employs a single lever with a fixed pivot.

No. 21-312—Forged steel version of the No. 21, with larger float and higher leverage.

CAUTION: Ball float drain traps
are not recommended where heavy oil, sludge or considerable dirt are
encountered in lines. Under these circumstances, use Armstrong inverted
bucket BVSW traps.


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Fixed Pivot Ball Float Drain Traps

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