Filter Elements – Sintered



Features & Benefits

  • Thirteen sizes, three micron ratings, and connection
    options to meet virtually all purification requirements in
    steam filtration applications.
  • High-quality continuous 316L sintered stainless steel filter
    media construction with 304 SS welded end caps ensures
    excellent material resistance to steam.
  • Heavy-duty design withstands a maximum differential
    pressure up to 72 psi and an operating temperature range
    of -60°F to 392°F (with optional Fluoraz®* o-rings).
  • The Sintered ASF 5 micron element exceeds 3-A
    guidelines for the production of Culinary Steam (95% @ 2
    micron) under Accepted Practice T609-04.
  • The 50+% porosity level ensures high dirt holding capacity
    at low differential pressure and high flow rate.
  • Multiple regenerative methods are possible including
    back-flushing, ultrasonic cleaning, and solvent cleaning
    with hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals allowing for
    longer filter life and reduced operating costs.
  • All components meet the FDA requirements for contact
    with food in accordance with the Code of Federal
    Regulations (CFR), Title 21. The filter element is
    manufactured according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


There are several terms used for steam. Process steam is used in process applications as a source of energy for process
heating, pressure control and mechanical drives. Culinary steam can be direct injected during food processing. Culinary
steam needs to meet 3-A Culinary Standards for the dairy industry. Process steam does not generally come in contact
with the final product whereas culinary steam can, and often does, come in direct contact with the final product.

Steam Filtration

  • Aseptic packaging
  • Breweries
  • Chemicals
  • Dairies
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics

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Filter Elements – Sintered

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