EM Series Inverted Bucket Steam Traps


Forged Carbon Steel for Horizontal Installation

For pressures to 454 psig (32 bar) . . .
Capacities to 1,058 lb/hr (480 kg/hr)

Armstrong’s type EM forged steel inverted bucket steam trap combines
the most reliable steam trap operating principle known in a body, which
can be opened for Easy Maintenance.

High resistance to wear, corrosion and water hammer.

The free-floating guided lever valve mechanism is “frictionless” with
all wear points heavily reinforced. All working parts are stainless
steel; valve and seat are hardened chrome steel, individually ground and

Freedom from dirt problems. Condensate flow under bottom edge of
bucket keeps sediment and “sludge” in suspension until ischarged by full
differential purging action. Valve orifice opens wide – closes tight.
There is no buildup of dirt, no close clearances to be affected by
scale. Under normal conditions of reasonably “clean steam”, a strainer
is not necessary. However, this is left to the user’s discretion.

Air handling ability. Vent in bucket top provides continuous
automatic air and CO2 venting with no cooling leg and prevents air
binding. Wiggle wire ensures clean vent hole at all times. Any steam
passing through vent is condensed and discharged as liquid.

No steam loss. Steam does not reach the water sealed valve.

Inverted bucket traps require no adjustment and no live steam to operate.

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EM Series Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

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