DS Series In-Line Separators


in steam and air piping reduces thermal efficiency, causes water
hammer, corrodes equipment such as valves and pipes, and causes other

The DS Series in-line (drain) separators separate
condensate efficiently by using the centrifugal force of steam or air
created by introducing it into a specifically shaped path. Because of
the simple structure of the drain separators, pressure loss is
minimized, enabling clean, dry steam or air to be fed to equipment.

When steam or air flow enters the drain separator,
centrifugal force is generated in the fluid because of the device’s
internal structural design. The fluid drains along the wall because of
the difference in specific gravity with steam or air, eventually
striking the baffle. The baffle guides the fluid to the drain outlet and
to the trap, which drains it. As a result, small dirt particles and
condensate are separated and removed from the system through the bottom

  • Cyclone structure maximizes liquid separation efficiency
  • Pressure loss is extremely low
  • No moving parts means no breakdowns

 View video of DS Separator under normal conditions. 

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DS Series In-Line Separators

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