CD-72S Series Disc Steam Trap


For steam service up to 1,010 psig (70 bar) . . .
Capacities to 1,800 lb/hr (816 kg/hr)

The Armstrong CD-72S is a disc style trap designed to control the
trap’s cycle rate. By reducing the cycle rate, the Armstrong CD-72S will
have a longer service life than typical disc traps. This enhanced
performance will ensure that maintenance time is minimized and steam
costs are greatly reduced.

The CD-72S is designed with three discharge ports, which offer stable
disc operation to extend trap operating life. The capacity of the
Armstrong CD-72S has been engineered specifically for the following
applications: large steam main drips, process equipment, and HVAC
heating equipment on constant pressure.


  • Three discharge port design
  • Minimum wear with controlled cycling
  • Freeze-resistant
  • Hardened seat and disc
  • Weldable

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CD-72S Series Disc Steam Trap

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