11/22/13-AV Free-Floating Lever Air/Gas Vents—All Stainless Steel


For pressures to 600 psig (41 bar) or specific gravity down to 0.50

The Armstrong all-stainless steel guided lever air vents have been developed to provide positive venting of air/gases under pressure.

The body and cap and all working parts of the No. 11-AV, 22-AV and 13-AV are made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Body and caps are welded together to form a permanently sealed, tamperproof unit with no gaskets. Elliptical floats and high leverage enable these compact air/gas vents to provide a capacity up to
115 SCFM (195 m3h). Lever action is guided to ensure proper seating of the valve under all operating conditions.

All stainless steel construction provides protection where exposure to either internal or external corrosion is a problem. These air/gas vents have the same proven free-floating
mechanisms used in other Armstrong steam traps. These vents are suitable
for pressures up to 600 psi at 100°F (41 bar @ 38°C).

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