4000 Series Inverted Bucket Steam Traps


All stainless steel with IS-4 4-Bolt Connector

For pressures to 650 psig (45 bar) . . .
Capacities to 1,300 lb/hr (590 kg/hr)

With the 4000 Series IS-4 connector, you can install 4-bolt compatible inverted bucket efficiency and long service life in any piping configuration with little or no repiping. You get the reliability of the inverted bucket operating principle, plus all the benefits of all-stainless steel construction:

  • A sealed, tamperproof package
  • A compact, lightweight trap
  • The ability to withstand freeze-ups without damage
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • A three-year guarantee against defective materials, defective workmanship.

4000 Series steam traps combine savings in three important areas: energy, installation and replacement. The 4-bolt connector provides quick, easy in-line replacement along with all the proven advantages of inverted bucket operation.

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