3033-FMCD – Standard


Model 3033-FMCD – Standard

Model 3033-FMCD is installed in a Type-304 stainless steel, two-door cabinet with a 2″ (50 mm) flange, and it is designed for recessed installation. The cabinet doors have a recessed “toggle” handle. All exposed surfaces have a #4 brushed finish. The bottom of the cabinet is crosscut to drain any water accidentally discharged within the cabinet.

Model 3033-FMCD is supplied with 25 feet (7.6 m) of white washdown hose with “live” swivel adaptors. Rubber-cushioned 10 gpm (37.8 lpm)-rated water saver spray nozzle is supplied as standard.

FMCD cabinets are manufactured to order and can be modified to include customer requirements such as increased dimensions, vacuum breakers, compressed air and/or fluid lines, pressure-reducing valves and gauges, extra hose lengths, and more.

Armstrong hot and cold water hose stations replace the basic Mixing Y with a Rada® 320 thermostatic mixing valve as the primary water temperature controller. With the Rada 320 you can:

  • Change outlet water temperature from full cold to the field-adjustable maximum limit stop in a single handle turn
  • Set and lock to a single temperature and maintain outlet temperatures +/-2°F (1°C) in the event of inlet pressure and/or temperature fluctuation or change
  • Protect the operator a thermal-shutdown feature if the cold water inlet supply fails
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    Thermostatic products used by our competitors for this application cannot provide a temperature range from full cold to the field-adjustable maximum limit stop. Nor can they access temperatures within 5°F (2°C) of either inlet supply temperature.

    Various hose lengths, spray nozzles and hose reels are available as options for Armstrong hot and cold water hose stations.

    The Armstrong Hot & Cold Hose Stations – Standard series is supplied fully assembled and pressure tested in the following configurations. Go to the menu bar above for specific detail on each model.