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Product Spotlight – Retrofitting a Space with a DP Controller

Having a properly balanced system is more important than ever, however when renovations or changes are made to a system, that can be a challenge. Every time an adjustment is made in a hydronic system, it affects the balance at every other terminal unit in that plant. This means that if manual balancing valves were installed when the plant was originally built and commissioned, you then must rebalance the entire hydronic network. As you can imagine, this rarely (if ever) happens in the field.

The result: more wasted energy and less system performance. The solution: install an DP Controller from IMI Flow Design (such as the Equalizer), break the plant down into manageable, “bite-sized” modules, and easily keep the system in balance and under control.

Installing a DP Controller at the base of each riser for example, will give the user the ability to balance each riser and stabilize the differential pressure going into that module. You can do that without having to access every single terminal unit, ripping out existing balancing and control devices and installing a pressure independent control valve at every terminal unit – an often price prohibitive solution.

By no means is the Equalizer DP Controller a “fix all”, nor do we recommend “Band-Aid” solutions, but desperate times call for desperate measures and a building without balance is indeed desperate.

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