New Options and Features of the CV1500 Control Valve

Control valves are designed to throttle and control. Since the introduction of the CV1500 control valve in 2015, Armstrong has made continuous design enhancements. The number of potential applications has grown significantly and now is a great time to learn about its new options and features and refresh your knowledge. The CV1500 has several key features and benefits:
  • Higher pressure temperature ratings than CV1100 – more applications
  • 725 psi instead of 290 psi
  • Higher CV’s than several valves on the market
  • Shotpeened springs for extended life
  • 6 spring actuator allows for better stability and control – less angle
  • Trims in 17-4 pH H900 for longer life
  • Standard carbon steel design at iron prices
  • Multiple actuator choices for each valve size
  • Multitude of trims for specialized applications (noise, critical applications, super heat0 which will ensure longer life
  • Screwed 150# and 300# figurations available
  • Standard face to faces
This webinar above will help you learn about new options and features of the CV1500, understand typical markets and applications, and illustrate what differentiates the Armstrong CV1500 from the rest of the pack.
New Options and Features of the CV1500 Control Valve