Keep an Eye on Your Steam Traps – Automatically

Although steam traps fail every day, a comprehensive steam trap management program at most facilities doesn’t exist. Even the best programs only inspect them once a year or every other year, resulting in high rates of lost energy. At Campbell-Sevey, we recommend a proactive approach to monitoring steam traps using Armstrong’s SteamEye®. With SteamEye you know instantly when a steam trap fails, allowing you to immediately correct it. SteamEye keeps an eye on your steam traps 24 hours a day, every day, allowing you to reduce labor and energy costs by detecting leaks automatically.

How SteamEye Works

SteamEye uses a radio frequency (RF) wireless transmitter mounted at each steam trap to detect their operating state. That operating state is then transmitted wirelessly to a central receiver that can then alert system operators of trap failure. SteamEye technology is on 24/7 — constantly reporting the status of your steam traps for optimum energy system management and savings. It can be installed on high pressure traps in service without shutting off the steam, and its remote, wireless operation addresses the labor costs and safety issues associated with manual monitoring.

Range of the RF Signal

In outdoor installations where the transmitter is within the line of sight of the receiver, the typical range is 1,200 feet. In facilities where the signal must travel through walls or floors, the range varies. Typically, the signal range is approximately 300 feet. If the receiver is out of the range of a transmitter, repeaters can be placed between the transmitter and receiver to “repeat” the signal from transmitter to receiver. Eliminate Steam Trap Monitoring Problems Armstrong’s SteamEye, together with their Sage energy management application, help eliminate traditional trap monitoring and management problems and dramatically improve your system efficiency. Contact Campbell-Sevey for a Steam Trap Survey and to learn more about Steam Trap Monitoring Programs.
Keep an Eye on Your Steam Traps – Automatically