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Installing a Coil in a Tight Space? Try Banking

So you’re trying to install a new water coil in an older building. The challenge is the space just wasn’t build for it. You could go to a smaller size coil, but that won’t give you the performance you need. The solution? Banking!

When dealing with tight, confined areas installing a bank of coils instead of a larger, single coil solves several issues:

  • Flexibility to fit tight spaces
  • Maintains optimum face velocity with proper design
  • Avoids potentially damaging larger coils during install

A bank is basically a larger coil broken down into a series of smaller coils connected together and stacked. When installed correctly the bank will have the same performance as the larger, single coil.

Important Design Requirements

The way the smaller coils are configured can affect performance of the HVAC system. We configure cooling coils to have a maximum of 500 ft/minute face velocity to prevent water carryover. We also usually limit steam or hot water coil face velocity to 800 ft/minute as well for proper performance.

Contact Campbell-Sevey for Options

To make sure you get the ideal solutions for your HVAC system, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey. We can provide the design support and product solutions to best meet your challenge.

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