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How Much Moisture is in One Pound of Steam?


Recently a customer asked, “How much water is contained in a pound of saturated steam?” That question as asked can’t be answered, we would need more information.

Saturated steam (steam at saturated temperature/pressure) can be described using the metric “quality” or “dryness”.  At one end of the range is 100% [which is all dry steam (gas) with no wetness (liquid) at all]. At the other end is 0%, all saturated water and no steam at all. 

The answer to the question, if it has 100% dryness, is that it has no water (moisture) at all.  In practice, normal ranges are around 80-95%. A sample of steam with 80% dryness (or quality) would mean that for every pound of what is in the pipe, 80% of that is steam, and 20% is entrained water.

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