CS Community Giving: Supporting Hope

Over the years Campbell-Sevey has been a proud supporter of Hope Academy in Minneapolis due to the amazing educational work they do within the inner-city neighborhoods of Minneapolis. Hope Academy, which began in 2000, has a “whole child” approach to their educational programs that address body, mind and spirit. Their comprehensive approach to closing the achievement gap incorporates five core distinctives: Faith-Based Education, Discipline & High Expectations, Parental Involvement, Accountability and Partners. The most remarkable aspect of Hope Academy is the results they are achieving. Here are some interesting facts:
  • 74% of their 425 students in K-12 are from low income households
  • 80% are ethnic minorities
  • 10 home languages are spoken (Amharic, Creole, English, Oromo, Quichua, Shona, Somali, Spanish, Swahili and Yoruba)
  • Hope Academy students score 3 times higher on Math and Reading scores than neighborhood public schools
  • Hope Academy’s cost of education per student is less than $9,000 vs. $21,000 for Minneapolis Public Schools.
“Hope Academy is one of the true education miracles going on in our inner city,” said Brian Ross, Campbell-Sevey CEO. “We are proud to support the great work they are doing.” To learn more about Hope Academy go to www.HopeSchool.org.
CS Community Giving: Supporting Hope