Check Valve Design Flexibility

Selecting the proper check valve in industrial applications is important since it can affect many aspects of your operations. Recently DFT, Inc. produced an ebook, “Design for Flexibility: Key Considerations to Make When Designing Fluid or Gas Flow Systems”, discussing several types of check valves and their advantages and disadvantages in a fluid system. In addition to evaluating the differences between types of check valves, the ebook also contains information on:
  • Selection criteria and how to optimize performance and price
  • Sealing ability, fluid compatibility and their impact on the overall performance of a check valve
  • Why design flexibility matters for initial installation and ongoing maintenance
  • Energy savings through proper check valve selection
  • Minimizing water hammer with proper check valve styles
Learn more about the selection process, design considerations, and the benefits of choosing the right check valve for your application by downloading our ebook today. Or contact the team at Campbell-Sevey for help in selecting the proper check valves for your system.  
Check Valve Design Flexibility