Case Studies Show Magnitude of eTech Savings

Two cased studies from eTech with plants in the food processing industry, show some of the remarkable efficiencies that can be gained by adding the right equipment. 

Case Study #1 – Food Processing Plant: Condensing Economizer


  • Original boiler efficiency 86%
  • Fuel cost $7.8 per mm Btu
  • Average load 8200 hrs/yr at 80%


  • Simple condensing, preheating make-up water
  • 40,000 pph and 60,000 pph (150 psig)


  • Installed cost of $680,000
  • Annualized fuel savings of $640,000
  • Simple payback just under 13 months


Case Study #2 – HJ Heinz Processing Plant: Circular Econopak


  • Circular Econopak designed and manufactured for natural gas-fired 400 hp fire-tube steam boiler


  • Stack gas temperature lowered from 480º F to 350º F at full-fire conditions
  • Water tempurature in economizer increased from 227º F to 275º F
  • 165º F differential translates to fuel savings of 674,123 Btu/hr at full fire
  • 4% increase in boiler efficiency

For more info about condensing economizers, Econopaks, and other efficiency solutions, contact Campbell-Sevey.


Case Studies Show Magnitude of eTech Savings