Asphalt Heating Solutions from QMax!

QMax Industries, Inc.

specializes in high-performance heat tracing, equipment jacketing and tank heating. With cold weather coming, they offer several solutions to heat asphalt:

QMax FTS: The Perfect Tracing Solution For Asphalt

The patented* design of QMax FTS maximizes the heat input of regular stainless steel or copper tube tracer and offers consistent results. First, QMax transforms the nature of a steam/hot oil tracer from ineffective convective heat transfer to highly efficient conductive heat transfer. Second, the heating surface area is increased to as much as 2 inches using highly-conductive aluminum. A single tracer with the addition of QMax FTS can achieve the same results as multiple tube tracers or even jacketed pipe. This saves time and money on capital projects and reduces long-term maintenance costs.

QMax QFin Offers Consistent Results

QFin’s patent-pending design maximizes the heat input of a carbon or stainless steel internal heating coils and it is fully removable and replaceable. QFin is a bolt-on heating fin that attaches to any size pipe. The highly conductive aluminum material of QFin increases the heating surface area by 1,000% which allows for greater heating capabilities or decreased total footage of the internal coil. QFin is specifically designed for high-viscosity fluids such as Asphalt, Bitumen and Coker Feeds to allow for easy removal and reinstallation of fins if the product cakes on the fins. For more information on whether these products are the right solution for your need, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.
Asphalt Heating Solutions from QMax!