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Armstrong Prepares ReadiTemp and IMC for Launch

The Armstrong Hot Water Group recently announced the pre-launch of ReadiTemp™ and IMC product sets designed to enhance their industrial hot water offering.

ReadiTemp™ – This industrial steam instantaneous heater is designed like the Digital-Flo® Shell & Tube. However, instead of featuring The Brain®, ReadiTemp will feature Emech®. This package offers precise hot water temperature control with ability to be used as a one pass or recirculated system and enables users to generate and control temperatures greater than 200°F if desired.

IMC – Industrial Mixing Center – features Emech® for applications where precise water temperature control is needed. Just as The Brain® Model DMC is pre-piped, the Emech® Model IMC will follow the same line of thinking, however, the IMC can also be used for one pass as well as recirculation applications.

Click to download Armstrong’s Industrial Hot Water brochure which provides more details on this new technology or contact the team at Campbell-Sevey to see how it can benefit your system.

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