Armstrong Hot Water Raises the Bar in Intelligent Operations

Amrstrong LogoIf imitation is the highest form of flattery, then Armstrong Hot Water has a lot of admirers.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves continue to lose share in the mechanical room based recirculation system applications at a rate that must appear alarming for our competitors. Armstrong’s The Brain has an enviable leadership position in digital hot water innovation which competitors are trying to reach. However now Armstrong is raising the bar even further.

Armstrong is meeting the demands of institutional customers who require an intelligent system solution as they are hemmed in by standards and guidelines such as ASHRAE 188, VA Directive 1061 along with relevant OSHA and CDC compliance protocols.

Multi-fatality Legionella outbreaks such as the recent tragedy in New York, while likely HVAC system/cooling tower based, will continue to pressure system operation standards compliance. The fact remains that 95 percent of reported Legionella incubations occur in the potable hot water system.

Routine system thermal disinfection as a Legionella risk management routine is now well in hand and Armstrong is on the leading edge when it comes to providing intelligent operations and maintenance protocols.

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Armstrong Hot Water Raises the Bar in Intelligent Operations