Armstrong Acquires Veris Flow Measurement Instruments

It’s hard to manage what you can’t measure. That’s why Armstrong International has expanded its portfolio of intelligent system solutions through the acquisition of Veris, Incorporated, a leader in accurate and reliable flow measurement technology for gas, steam and hot water applications. 

Veris has more than 25 years experience in designing and manufacturing flow measurement instruments. It’s two primary measurement tools are Verabar® and Accelabar®.

Verabar provides the most accurate, reliable technology for measuring gas, liquid and steam as well as the lowest operating and installation costs. View this Verabar video demonstration to see how it works. 

Accelabar is a new and unique flow meter that provides superior performance in challenging applications. It combines two differential pressure technologies to produce high accuracy and low velocity flow rates at turndowns tested up to 65:1 with no straight run requirements. See this video on how Accelabar works.

To learn more about these products or to see what type of flow measure technology would be best for your system, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.

Armstrong Acquires Veris Flow Measurement Instruments