3 Reasons to Get Coils from a Custom Coil Manufacturer vs. an OEM

There are lots of applications where HVAC coils are used. Most are either manufactured by a an OEM or a custom coil manufacturer. Both play an important role in the market, however there are some key distinctions which can make it more favorable to have your coils custom manufactured.

1. Nearly any type of coil can be created from the same manufacturer

Custom coil manufacturers have the flexibility to create nearly any type of coil you need, regardless of size or capacity. This allows you to go to one source for all your needs. OEM manufacturing facilities are designed to produce large volumes of certain sizes and designs to maximize efficiency. The can’t easily switch from doing custom orders one day and creating custom coils the next.

2. Custom created to meet your exact requirements for replacement or design/build

Each custom coil manufactured is designed to meet your exact specifications and needs. If a coil fails in an existing HVAC system, they can design an exact replacement. If a new piece of equipment is being created, designers discuss your exact needs and load requirements to provide innovation solutions and ensure the coil will operate at peak efficiency under all operating conditions. OEM manufacturers prefer to tailor you requirements to their existing process.

3. Shipped when YOU want

If a custom order comes into an OEM manufacturer while they are in the middle of producing a large order, they can only fit it into their schedule when it’s convenient, rather than when you need it. Custom coil manufacturers have flexibility built into their process allowing them to quickly realign their focus. This ensures you get the exact coil you need, when you need it.

Get the solution that best fits your needs

As you can see, while OEM coil manufacturers are well suited for high-volume, standard coils, custom coil manufacturers, like Modine, are an ideal solution for replacement coils, lower volume design/build coils, or non-standard size/volume coils. They provide heat recovery and round tube plate fin (RTPF) coils for the commercial and residential HVAC markets. At Campbell-Sevey, we work directly with you to determine your needs and provide solutions that best fit your requirements. To learn more contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.
3 Reasons to Get Coils from a Custom Coil Manufacturer vs. an OEM