Unique Points that Differentiate Hydro-Thermal from Competitors

Hydro-Thermal traces its roots back to 1927, when inventors John White and Roy Miller patented heating equipment using steam to precisely control water temperature. The device was “direct in action,” extended the service life, and used a “valve seat with a sliding closure member”. These components continue to serve as a foundation for Hydro-Thermal technology today. But, there are several other factors that differentiate them from competitors as well:
  • 20 Degreed Engineers, Several PEs on staff
  • 500+ years of DSI knowledge and expertise, installation experience
  • Network of 1,000 representatives, specifying, servicing, improving customer relationships
  • 20,000 heaters installed across 86 countries
  • Recently received more than a dozen awards for manufacturing, operations, innovation, exports
  • Currently hold more than a dozen active patents, registered in multiple foreign countries
  • 4 patents pending on new heater technologies
  • Named in more than 40 process patents
  • Specified in systems developed by leading system integrators, tied to 60+ off-shoot product patents
  • Wide range of product offerings (1”-32”flow), Continuous upgrades and innovations
  • Capable of Producing All Products In House, No Outsourcing
  • Ability to Decrease Lead Times for Heaters and Parts, Patented CTA kept in inventory
  • 4 full-time, knowledgeable, responsive staff provide preventative maintenance to challenging solutions
  • Long term relationships with key technology providers, large customers, research universities
  • Certifications – ISO, PED, UL, ASME, 3A, FDA, CE, EHEDG
  • 4 buildings, 50,000 sq. feet dedicated design and manufacturing space
  • 72% of components sourced locally
At Campbell-Sevey, one of our core strengths is the superior products we represent back by incredible companies. That’s why Hydro-Thermal has been such an important partner. To learn more about Hydro-Thermal’s Hydro-Heater or Jet-Cooker products, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey.
Unique Points that Differentiate Hydro-Thermal from Competitors