State-of-the-Art Steam Tracing

QMax FTS: High Performance, Low Cost

QMax FTS (Fluid Tracing System) combines performance comparable to jacketed pipe with the flexibility and low cost of standard steam tracing.

QMax FTS is a patented, highly conductive aluminum channel that fits over standard stainless or copper tubing to maximize heat transfer from the heating medium to the process pipe. Installation is quick and simple. It effectively increases process temperatures, yet is also energy efficient because it does not continue to add unnecessary heat energy into the process once operating temperatures are achieved.

Compared to fully-jacketed pipe, which also has high performance but required a high capital investment, QMax is a highly efficient solution as a great value. To learn more contact the team at Campbell-Seveyor or QMax_FTS_-_State-of-the-Art_Steam_Tracing.

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State-of-the-Art Steam Tracing