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COVID-19 Affects on the Steam Boiler Industry

The crippling impact of the coronavirus has been felt across the globe. What began as a contagious flu in one part of the world has escalated to a sweeping pandemic. COVID-19 has severely impacted businesses and industries across the world.

While some businesses have suffered immensely due to lockdowns and curfews, others struggle to survive with the little resources they have left. When we talk about the Steam and Boiler Industry, the current financial climate has created both fears and opportunities.

In this deep crisis, manufacturers across the US are fighting to continue operations while assuring health and safety standards. Whether its hospitals, factories, or large power plants, the role of the steam and boiler industry has amplified in the wake of COVID-19.

The growing uncertainty around the pandemic is pushing industries to seek energy system solutions that can survive through lockdowns and curfews. Here we comprehensively discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the steam and boiler industry.

Some Key Industry Statistics 

Currently, there are around 336 businesses working under the Boiler and Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Industry. With nearly 25,000 employees, the industry is likely to experience renewed demand from both commercial and industrial sectors.

Keeping the pandemic outbreak aside, the demand for steam boilers across the US has been predicted to exceed $3 billion by 2025. These statistics are a direct consequence of the growing demand amongst several industries and power plants.

However, COVID-19 has impacted the steam and boiler industry in many ways. With strict orders on social distancing and lockdowns, many steam and boiler maintenance businesses have been unable to provide services as regularly as they did.

Nonetheless, several boiler maintenance businesses have issued statements and protocols on COVID-19. The good news is that many are adamant to serve industries. Whether it’s industrial boiler maintenance, tending to emergency shutdowns, or performing scheduled boiler maintenance, businesses are doing their best to do their jobs.

Finding Opportunities 

Regardless of the overall financial hit, COVID-19 has opened a floodgate of opportunities for the steam and boiler industry. Boilers are needed to make steam and prepare hot water. They aren’t just important for homes but are critical for hospitals, manufacturing businesses, and power plants.

Nuclear reactors, for example, have a crucial role to play when it comes to consistent and uninterrupted electricity supplies throughout the country. Proper steam and heating systems need to be in place and well-maintained to ensure nuclear power plants can work smoothly.

Industrial boilers have also become extremely important for hospitals across the globe. Without boilers, hospitals can’t have a proper steam sterilization system or even heat up the building. With an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, hospitals need top-notch boiler systems and urgent boiler repair service to ensure proper operations.

Another important industry is the pharmaceutical business in the US. In the wake of COVID-19, the role of pharmaceuticals has amplified. There has been a sharp rise in the demand for drugs, medical supplies, and of course, research on a possible vaccine. To sustain the production line, this industry needs efficient steam boiler systems that are compact and have a smaller footprint.

Even when it comes to food processing facilities, if there aren’t any properly functioning boilers, many businesses might just come to a grinding halt. Installing new steam boilers, handling dangerous complications, and providing the right energy solutions are all critical tasks that the steam and boiler industry is soon going to be busy in.

Properly functioning steam boilers are instrumental for both industrial buildings and power plants. Even when COVID-19 has caused lockdowns on business activities, the above-mentioned industries are quite active in fighting the virus. For this reason, the steam and boiler industry has a critical role to play as it provides the most basic energy systems to run wide-scale industries and factories.

Ensuring Safety of Workers 

Since many businesses, especially those concerned with steam boiler maintenance are active and functioning; ensuring the safety of their staff is the need of the hour. As gas engineers, technicians, and other personnel tend to emergencies and work near burners, controls, and pumps, they are strictly instructed to practice proper sanitation.

Whether it’s installing new steam boilers, treating emergency shutdowns, or frequent maintenance of energy systems, workers need to practice safety measures. This includes thorough hand sanitization, wearing protective masks, gloves, and coveralls to ensure work hygiene and safety.

The Importance of Energy-Efficiency 

COVID-19 has triggered several policy responses across the country. Many industries must consciously adopt energy-efficient options in the wake of the coronavirus so that they can rebound quickly. With several economic shocks, factories and industries require top-notch, energy-efficient boiler systems that can speed up production and help recover losses. When it comes to the maintenance and efficacy of industrial steam boilers, Energy efficiency plays a key role.

There is no doubt that the demand for the steam and boiler industry is likely to grow in the coming months. The technicians and experts involved in this field of work tackle highly complex and difficult work. Moreover, with rising demands in energy-efficient installations, it seems that boiler maintenance companies are going to get busy very soon.

A Final Word 

The steam and boiler industry is a critical part of this country’s infrastructure. Indeed, there have been obvious interruptions in business because of social distancing.

However, many are still aiming to provide uninterrupted services while ensuring health and safety standards. If you’re looking for experienced professionals to supervise your energy system installation and offer the best steam boiler system products, then get in touch with us today!

In these stressful times, we are here to offer a helping hand to industries by supporting you with the best energy system products to ensure continued operations!

COVID-19 Affects on the Steam Boiler Industry