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  • What Armstrong University Courses are Specific to Your Industry?

    For equipment to operate at peak efficiency it's important that operators are well trained. That is especially true in certain industries where unique applications may apply – humidity levels, sterilization, air quality requirements, etc. 

    Armstrong University offers online courses to address the many issues industries face each day. Industry specific courses include:

    For industries not shown, Campbell-Sevey can assist with course recommendations based on your needs and equipment. Click to learn more about the wealth of insight and information is conveniently accessible through Armstrong University. 

  • Campbell-Sevey Offers Continuing Education Credits

    For steam, air and water industry professionals seeking continuing education credits (CEU's) Campbell-Sevey offers some great options. 

    Campbell-Sevey Steam Seminar

    Our Steam Energy Conservation Seminar helps you make your steam system as efficient as possible. This 1-day interactive seminar helps you gain knowledge and improve your skills as textbook information is converted into practical field applications on a “live steam system” at Campbell-Sevey’s offices in Minnetonka, MN. Through the use of glass piping, glass models, and cut-away parts, you will get a live look at how a steam systems behaves across various elements. Click for complete course details, agenda and registration information.

    Armstrong University Courses

    Campbell-Sevey also collaborates with Armstrong International to offer CEU’s and college credits for professionals seeking to expand their knowledge about energy, steam, air, hot water and utility systems. The collaboration combines the extensive knowledge of Campbell-Sevey to create custom curriculum through Armstrong University – engaging online courses that spans more than 10 colleges and 100 courses of study. 

    The on-demand learning makes it easy to learn from the convenience of a desktop, tablet or smartphone. With our help in designing a curriculum you can ensure that what you are learning can be applied directly to your system. Click for more information and a complete list of all the colleges and courses offered.

    For more information about all of our education offerings, contact the team at Campbell-Sevey


  • New "Steam Trap Testing" Course Available on Armstrong University

    For industry tradespeople and professionals interested in earning continuing education credits or learning more about steam, air and water systems, Campbell-Sevey highly recommends Armstrong University. The online courses are engaging and are the result of more than 1,600 years of combined experience between Armstrong employees, representatives and leading technical experts.

    In this newly added course on Steam Trap Testing, you will:

    • Discover the reasons for steam trap testing and the economics of energy savings associated with repair or replacement of failed steam traps.
    • Learn how to test the most common types of steam traps.
    • Learn the recommended frequency for steam trap testing.

    Armstrong University's robust curriculum spans more than 10 colleges and 100 courses of study. Click here for access to the complete list and to get discounts on course curriculum through Campbell-Sevey.


  • Armstrong University Offering Free Online Courses

    Education and knowledge of steam systems leads to greater efficiency, safety and cost savings. Now Armstrong University is making it more cost-effective than ever to learn by offer 14 FREE online courses

    The coursework they create was developed by energy and thermal utility system specialists and leading technical experts with 2,000 years of collective, practical experience. The result is an extensive curriculum that spans thirteen colleges of learning and over 100 courses of study, include courses that qualify for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). 

    Watch the above video then download Armstrong University course listing summary. For more detailed course descriptions and access to discounts on custom education packages through Campbell-Sevey, click here.

  • Armstrong Introduces SAGE - Smart Utility Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting

    By enabling you to maximize equipment reliability, efficiency and safety, SAGE™ from Armstrong raises utility system management to a groundbreaking new level. This powerful software tool uses their patented algorithm as it analyzes data to track behavior and performance for the most advanced steam and hot water system management available today.

    With SAGE, you become proactive. Your decisions are quicker and smarter because you have deeper, more comprehensive insight into your utility system. Instead of guesswork and costly surprises, SAGE™ gives you regular updates and alerts you if an issue arises so you can take immediate action.

    Intuitive to use and easily accessible, SAGE was designed to make your life easier. It offers the confidence of tight security, instant notifications and precise documentation. It has the flexibility to accommodate companies of any size and works seamlessly with Armstrong's real-time monitoring products and their mobile app. SAGE helps you increase equipment reliability, efficiency and safety, while allowing you to reduce environmental emissions. Whether you want to save time and money by keeping your facility's steam traps running at top efficiency, or you want to ensure happier customers or safer patients with a consistent supply of hot water at precision-controlled temperatures—SAGE is the intelligent solution you need.


    SAGE works seamlessly with all of Armstrong's real-time monitoring products (SteamEye®, AIM®, The Brain®) ensuring that it always has access to the most current data on your critical steam traps and hot water systems. As a current Armstrong smart-product customer, our experts will be there to ensure that your transition to SAGE is smooth and easy.


    Survey your steam traps with efficiency and accuracy using the free, native Apple application included with SAGE. SAGE Mobile enables you to perform steam trap surveys with your iPhone, iPad or iTouch device—even when no Internet connection is available. It includes our Squares Status Updates, and an intuitive user interface that provides the quickest way to manually update the condition of your traps. SAGE Mobile saves you time and increases accuracy as it quickly gathers your data and stores it locally, automatically pushing it to SAGE as soon as you have access to a network connection.


    If you rely on manual data collection from the field, SAGE offers all the flexibility you need. SAGE easily accommodates the manual input of all your collected data until the time is right to begin using real-time monitoring or our mobile app.


    SAGE was designed with your security in mind. YOU OWN YOUR DATA and SAGE keeps it safe and protected. The enterprise-class cloud-managed IaaS is built on recognized technology platforms and operated from a Tier 3+ data center for 99.982% uptime. Our fully hosted solution is backed by guaranteed high-level security that includes automated backups, https encryption and SSAE 16 compliance.


    Whether you have one building or multiple facilities throughout the world, 10 traps or 10,000, one Brain® or 10, SAGEallows you to manage your entire organization or company, regardless of size. Use SAGE Nests and Groups to organize and manage your equipment population with ease, as well as to customize how your data is filtered throughout the system. Viewing only relevant equipment increases the efficiency of maintenance personnel, while seeing the entire organization gives global energy managers the advantage of comprehensive information.


    SAGE is easily accessible from virtually any device, wherever you are, at any time. It performs beautifully on tablets, laptops and desktop computers, and it is compatible with most common Internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari. SAGE is designed to be responsive, so whether you're using a PC in your office or an iPad out in the field, the format will adapt to the size and resolution of your screen.


    All of Armstrong's basic packages provide access to every feature SAGE has to offer, including real-time monitoring. There are no hidden fees or complicated license models. Choose from recurring monthly or annual subscriptions that include unlimited users, unlimited storage and access by unlimited devices for your organization. 

    To get started contact the team at Campbell-Sevey and we will ensure you get the right package to fit your needs. We can also provide exclusive access to Armstrong University for online courses that offer a comprehensive understanding of your steam and hot water systems.

  • Armstrong University Adds New Courses


    Armstrong has recently announced the addition of two more courses to their amazing online curriculum. The new courses are:

    • Fundamentals of Flow Measurement
    • Fundamentals of Humidification

    The new courses are part of Armstrong's 10 colleges and over 100 courses of study. Click here to see the complete list of courses. Then contact Campbell-Sevey to learn about the special exclusive discounts you can get on a custom course curriculum by going through us. We will work directly with you to tailor a set of courses that specifically match your needs and your equipment. 

  • New Courses Added to Armstrong University


    For industry trades people and professionals interested in earning continuing education credits or learning more about steam, air and water systems, Armstrong University has now expanded it course offerings.

    Already offering a robust curriculum spanning more than 10 colleges and 100 courses of study, they have now added:

    • Gas Fired Steam Humidifiers
    • HVAC Controls
    • Evaporative Pad Humidifiers
    • System Solutions for Sterile Applications in the Healthcare Industry
    • Industrial Water Treatment
    • O & M - Boilers
    • Combined Heat & Power
    • Direct and Indirect Steam Heating

    Best of all, by working through Campbell-Sevey, you can get customized training programs at a discount. To learn more go to



  • Armstrong University Provides Customize Steam Training

    The Robust Curriculum Spans for that 10 Colleges and 100 Courses of Study


    For industry trades people and professionals interested in earning continuing education credits or learning more about steam, air and water systems, Campbell-Sevey highly recommends Armstrong University. The online courses are engaging and are the result of more than 1,600 years of combined experience between Armstrong employees, representatives and leading technical experts.

    The robust curriculum spans more than 10 colleges and 100 courses of study. Click here to see their complete course outline.

    For in-person training, either at your facility or our demonstration facility, register for our Steam Energy Conservation Seminar.



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